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Patreon Access!
March 31st, 2017, 1:35 pm
Hey guys!
Little Patreon related announcement today:

If you haven't noticed yet in the author comments on every page these days, I am on Patreon.
Patrons who pledge a certain amount every month get different types of rewards depending on the tier they sign up for, including access to comic pages as I finish them starting at $5 USD.

As of today, Smackjeeves reader patrons now have this access directly through the comic site! This means that you can see the new pages right at http://avibus.smackjeeves.com rather than only in the Patron Feed itself!

"Avibus" pages will be available anywhere from days early to up to a month early, depending on how much time I have between work to devote to new content!

This is great for you guys AND me, not only because your support would help me have more time to work on pages, but because I am so excited to get deeper into this story and share it with you. I am so impatient to get to some scenes, it's unreal.
So if you'd like to be able to read ahead, drop on by and pledge!

ALSO: If you pledge before the end of today, March 31st, 2017, you can even be entered into a raffle for personalized artwork AND a cameo in the comic!
(There are a couple strell scenes coming up REAL soon that may need an extra or two!)
Spring Special!
March 20th, 2017, 6:42 pm
It's finally Spring!
There's still snow on the ground outside here and it's cold as balls, but it's SPRING!

In favor of, I've decided to offer a bit of a special reward:
Get a cameo (yourself or a character of yours) in "Avibus" by pledging ANY AMOUNT on Patreon!
Usually, cameos are reserved for patrons who pledge $10 or more, but if you pledge before April 1st you can get one!
Pledges start at $1USD!!

That's not all, either!
When you pledge before the end of March, you will ALSO be entered into a raffle in which you can win a full color bust of any character you choose. Yourself, your OC, a character you love from your favorite series--ANY character!

Names will be drawn and announced on the 1st! That's in 12 days!
So go pledge, take a look at all the extra sketches available for patrons, vote on April's wallpaper, and wait for the winner!

Enter the raffle here: http://www.patreon.com/LotMinx

Happy Ostara!
February 4th, 2017, 12:55 pm
Hey guys! Couple announcements today;

For starters, I've already mentioned it on page, but "Avibus" will be on a short hiatus before the next chapter begins and will return in March.

Also, I'm moving!
Next week, I'm flying up to New York and getting set up in my new situation for February. I won't be in a more permanent place until March, but I will still be working on getting set for Chapter Five in the meanwhile.
Development sketches for the story to come will be going up on Patreon, and new pages will go up upon completion for patrons first before the hiatus ends on Smackjeeves and Tapastic. So if you'd like to stay ahead of pages and see more on this and other projects, take a look and consider pledging!

That's it for now. If anything else comes up with the move that might set the return of "Avibus" back at all, I'll let you know.
Have a good weekend!
Page Delay...
September 24th, 2016, 7:42 am
Hey guys!
We had a bit of a power outage yesterday that completely killed any and all ability to get Page 89 done and up. Spent a good deal of the afternoon (and night) spewing some colorful language over it, let me tell you TvT
What with that, the prep for the launch of another comic, Saints'Quarter (http://saintsquarter.smackjeeves.com or http://tapastic.com/series/SaintsQuarter), and getting set to fly up to New York next weekend, the next page is gonna continue to be slightly delayed. I'll do my best to get it up before I leave, but if I can't then it'll go up October 7th and everything will resume as normal!
Thanks for your patience~
Page Delay
June 3rd, 2016, 3:32 pm
I've had some minor technical difficulties (computer crashed TwT) that have impeded my process on this week's page, so it's gonna be late.
However, next week I shall be posting two pages. To make up for it~
Sorry for the wait.
Late Page
March 18th, 2016, 11:26 am
Hey, guys~
Just letting you know that this week's page is gonna be a bit late. Got a bit caught up in other things.
Page 71 will go up on Tuesday instead. 72 will be back on schedule next Friday. Sorry for the wait.
Catching Back Up... Again
March 20th, 2015, 10:25 am
I apologize for the once again delay in posting... I am a horrible procrastinator.
Other than that, there were some issues with programs that set me back a few days further than I already was. These issues have been resolved and I have kicked myself back into proper gear.
Updates will resume again over the next few days as I finish the pages I've got piled up.
There will be two pages a week until I am caught up, as I want to stay on the schedule I'd originally planned for this comic.
Thanks for your patience. ;w;